Our services has been focused on a mix of major, medium and small oil corporation personnel  as well as VIPs – from former presidents, vice presidents, governors, ministers, business executives and entrepreneurs to private individuals, retirees, celebrities, professional athletes and musical icons. We cater for the transport needs for those persons who desires to have an exclusive air experience.

Specifically we will provide

Helicopter offshore Services

These service include the use of helicopter for an hour booking or a day chatter for the convenience of the passenger. Our flight crew will position the helicopter at your location and take your to your destination.

Aeroplanes Chatter

We provide un-schedule flight for groups, individuals, families and corporation. Our flight chatter are for both within Nigeria and International destination. Our crew will provide you the safest, relaxed and luxurious air transport to your destination.

Helicopter VIP Shuttle Services

Flying with ease and comfort.
Our VIP shuttle is design for your exclusive travel from the helicopter drop off at the airport and onboard the Aeroplan to the next airport and getting boarded on an helicopter to your destination of choice. This we guarantee the exclusivity of your travel in VIP style and comfort. We will take you to your home or holiday resort or we arrive you at the our premium heliports closer to your destination.

For information on air charters through Azikel Air, please contact us at (+234) 8103444440 or (+234) 8101002227. Email or